Getting to chat with Laura Fitton

I cannot even begin to explain how much I learned from our in class Skype session with Laura Fitton, also know as @pistachio on sites like Twitter and others in the social media world. Fitton was at social media conference and took some time out her day to talk to our class and really help to enlighten us on the world of social media and how it is constantly evolving and changing. Fitton also helped our class relate the world of social media and PR and because of this strong connection, how we as students, can use this connection to our everyday advantage. I learned so much from Fitton, and many of the things I learned were not large overarching concepts like one might expect, but rather small tips and advice that makes living in a world of complicated social media a little bit easier.

Fitton enlightened me on several things:

  1. Social media all comes down to, “What do we all have in common?” In other words, social media revolves around the interactions of its users. These interactions are most likely to occur when multiple users have common wants and interests in order to “spark” these interactions.
  2. Social media is never about numbers. It is never about the number of “friends” or “followers” you have but it is always about what you have in common with other people and how you can effectively stimulate a response within those people.
  3. Many people believe that just because someone is young, they should automatically know everything there is to know about social media and this is obviously not the case. Being able to navigate and interact in social media is something that has to be learned, and everyone regardless of age must take part in that learning process.
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